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According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 75% of the U.S. population suffers from obesity, pre-diabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes.  The impact of this disease, financially, physically, and emotionally, is significant.  The importance of finding alternatives to medications is vital.  The question becomes, ‘is there an alternative’?  The answer is… YES!  

We believe in using food as medicine.  It is possible to use nutrition to improve metabolic health leading to decreased reliance on medications, including insulin to control blood sugar.  Guiding each individual by assessing their unique carbohydrate threshold is the key to a freedom from medications and the horrific health complications associated with obesity, pre-diabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes. 

Our innovative program utilizes a well-formulated nutrition intervention consisting of ‘real, whole, delicious foods’ in combination with world-class coaching and monitoring. This methodology leads to safe, sustainable metabolic health benefits.  Additionally, our clients report improvements in energy, sleep, inflammation, and an overall well-being which promotes a life-long, sustainable strategy. 


What clients are saying…

“The beauty of the plan is that a person does not have to wait weeks or months to see results. It happens literally within hours - and that is what encouraged me. I could actually see it working every time I used my glucometer. I could not believe my eyes. I even thought the glucometer was broken. This plan really works and you do not have to live on boring, tasteless food. There was no exercise, pills, potions, or magic beans involved. All I had to do was eat the right things at the right time. It was simple. And if I, the potato loving princess, could do this - anybody can.” - Leslie

“This is GREAT, Val, and long overdue! You are passionate about nutrition and health and so knowledgeable! You impart science-based and practical information and you love what you do - all winning combo that is good for you and GREAT for US! Congrats on this launch! I wholeheartedly trust you with my nutrition and health!” - Carol

“Valerie helped me get my life back. I have a new health freedom, endless energy, and lost over 50 pounds.” - Bonnie

“This has been the best experience for me. I feel great and can finally fit into my skinny jeans” - Dorothy

“Valerie changed my life. I have lost over 25 pounds, no longer need diabetes medicine, and my joint pain is gone” - Betty

“In 7 WEEKS I went from 100 units of insulin per day to NONE! I haven’t had normal blood sugar readings for years” - Leslie

“Don’t wait! I feel great!  I lost 60 pounds, reversed my diabetes, and think the program is awesome” - Tom

“I did nutritional counseling with Valerie. I highly recommend it. You will learn a lot of new things about nutrition and how your body responds. I'm seeing steady results in weight loss and performance!” - Sharon



Naturally normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.


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