Keto Korner

Hey there,

Let's talk about FAT!  That's right...the dreaded word we have spent years running away from.  The dreaded word by just hearing it adds inches to our waist, and pounds on the scale....WRONG!! What we have been told for so many years about FAT has been 1 BIG FAT LIE!

So, living low-carb...also means living HIGH FAT.  High heathy fats are an essential part of our make-up, and without fat in our body, in our blood, even in our brain...we wither away and die!  That's pretty ironic considering we have spent so many years saying how low-fat makes us thin, right?  How about this crazy idea...low-fat keeps you fat, high-fat keeps you thin.

One of the most common complications of a low-carb, high healthy fat lifestyle is where to find the FAT!  Good question...while it may be a mystery to some, let's think about where some of our healthiest fats even come from...avocado, natural oils and nuts, butters and creams, and YES even meats, nice fatty cuts of meat!!

With the elimination of carbohydrates in our diet, we have to re-focus our calories on fat.  I don't want you to think by saying 'no to carbs' is the saving grace.  So, when thinking about where to get the fat...make it easy!  Sometimes it's as easy as indulging in all the forbidden foods we have spent so long avoiding according to all the crazy (and ridiculous) food industry marketing and gimmicks.  No fake fancy processed foods here, keep it real...keep it FAT!...

Here are some ideas to get you thinking the fat way!

  • Time To Get NUTS - That's right...enjoy going nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia, Brazil, etc.), but keep it in moderation.  Nuts are an easy on the go food, but it is also an easy food to overeat. 

  • Let's Oil Up - Unprocessed oils such as olive, coconut, macadamia, avocado, and YES...even a little bit of bacon oil....mmmmm GREASY and YUMMY!

  • Butter And Cream Me Up - Butter....the real stuff mom and grandma used?  If you tolerate dairy, stick with what you know...heavy full-fat cream, full-fat sour cream, cream fraiche, plan Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese...ALL full-fat.  Non-dairy options include ghee butter, unsweetened coconut milk and coconut cream, dairy free/vegan cheeses, and even goat and sheep milk based cheeses and creams. 

  • This Is Cheesy - Full-fat, off-the-block cheese...oh yeah!  If you can cut it, you can eat it!  If you can smell it, you can taste it!  Be advised, not all cheese is the same.  Be skeptical when it comes to fancy food labels.  Get cheesy for REAL!

  • MmmmmMeatie - When thinking fat, go for the fattier cuts of meat.  While lean meats are a popular choice among 'professional dieters', we don't diet....we indulge!  Why would you want to subject yourself to such a tasteless protein?  Our grandma knew what she was doing when laid down a plate of bacon, or cooked a burger patty in butter....who doesn't love bacon and burgers?

Be sure to join us soon for our next installment here at Keto Korner.  We love hearing from you, so if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Branden AKA 'Keto Kid' And The Entire Team at Innovative Nutrition Group