Valerie Grosso RDN - Type 2 Diabetics Spend $1800 - $18,000 on Medications Annually

Insulin has been available for about 100 years but, inexpensive generic versions of this drug have limited availability and the price of brand-name versions has increased dramatically over the past 15 years.  Typical daily doses can range from 20 to over 200 units per day.  

This means patients are spending $1800 to $18,000 per year! 

Insulin dose is based on three main factors - 

1.     How much insulin the pancreas is making… 

2.     How sensitive or resistant a person is to insulin…  

3.     How carbohydrate intolerant a person is…

These factors determine how much blood sugar/glucose the body has to dispose of via the action of insulin. Innovative Nutrition Group knows that dietary carbohydrate intake drives blood glucose levels and insulin resistance.  Therefore, if carbohydrate intake does not exceed individualized tolerance levels, medications, including insulin, are significantly reduced or even eliminated. 

The goal and focus must be on long-term, sustainable, naturally normalized blood sugar and insulin levels, guided and monitored by qualified, expert practitioners.  Our interventions are powerful, sustainable, and transforms our clients lives.  Additionally, the annual cost savings can range from substantial to huge.  

Valerie Grosso RDN, METS