Valerie Grosso RDN - Daily nutrition is the biggest determinant of your metabolic health and longevity.

Daily nutrition is the biggest determinant of your metabolic health and longevity. William Banting, 1863, writes his ‘Letter of Corpulence’. A pamphlet based on his personal experience and the growing epidemic he observed with weight gain and health related issues; something we are very familiar with known as obesity. Banting was so determined to lose weight and feel better, he not only sought the assistance of several doctors, he experimented using his own body. Banting wrote over 150 years ago, “abstain from bread, sugar, beer, and potatoes which contained starch and saccharine matter, tending to create fat.”

More recently, Dr. Jason Fung, a prominent nephrologist, researches and educates us about the hormonal theory of obesity. Dr Fung, plagued by the growing epidemic of obesity, far worse now than predicted, promotes a ‘cure’ for obesity and its comorbidities. Fung found a very real and noticeable link between hormones and obesity. After years of treating his patients with standard practice guidelines, he now challenges the status quo with remarkable success.

What did Banting and Fung see in the research that others did not, especially between 1863 to now? What was so obvious to these researchers as they discovered links between our diets and health related issues, both past and present? What if our current nutrition guidelines are wrong? Better yet, what if our current health guidelines weren’t necessarily ‘wrong’, in the sense of the word, but rather also built around research that was never really accurate? How do we challenge a status quo adopted for decades?

I believe our history tells us to do exactly that! I believe our history, combined with science, new and old, requires us to question and challenge the status quo. I believe in thinking differently.

You must not be satisfied as long as your body is sickened and fatigued. You cannot be satisfied knowing the future of our children’s health is also being ripped away through no fault of their own. You most certainly cannot continue suffering from what we know to be true; the health of your family and friends are at great risk! Together, lets challenge the status quo!