Another could be next!

Today we are sharing an email excerpt received from a 73 year old female after 7 weeks of 'The Diabetes Reversal Formula'.... 

We share this to extend a hand of healing and hope to those suffering needlessly....diabetes reversal is possible and essential to your health! By the way, this client was using 100 units of insulin per day 7 weeks, NONE!!!

"Valerie, YOU are the person who researched this, YOU are the person who deserves recognition and credit. It is YOU who are the hope for diabetics. I just followed the plan. Plus, you know I practically had to be dragged kicking and screaming to help myself. At one point I even had the phone in my hand to cancel the appointment. 

Frankly, I was emotionally gearing up to cash in my chips. Life was becoming too much of a struggle to even take care of my cats properly, let alone myself. Now I look back at that dark place and the person I was and can hardly recognize myself. I still have a very long way to go to be where I am, once again, completely comfortable in my own skin. I haven't been in that place in many years, but each day brings me a step closer. It is much easier doing simple things like walking, getting dressed, or taking out the garbage. Each pound of weight loss eases my every movement. Now I can start paying off bills instead of pouring every cent into the coffers of the Sanofi Corp. It all adds up to a happier life instead of sinking deeper and deeper into despair and getting sicker and sicker with each passing day. 

The beauty of the plan is that a person does not have to wait weeks or months to see results. It happens very quickly - literally within hours - and that is what encouraged me. I could actually see that it was working every time I used my glucometer. I did not think it was possible. Could not believe my lying eyes. Even thought the glucometer was broken. But it wasn't wishful thinking, faulty equipment, or poor eyesight. This plan of yours really works and you do not have to live on cardboard and paste. There was absolutely no exercise whatsoever, no pills, potions, or magic beans involved. All I had to do was eat the right things and not eat the wrong things. It was simple. And if I, the potato loving princess, could do this - anybody can."

If you know someone struggling with type 2 diabetes or unsuccessful with sustainable weight loss, please let them know their is not only hope, but a successful pathway to reversal...this program is literally, a life saver!