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Valerie Grosso RDN,METS

Registered dietitian

Valerie is the most unique dietitian you will ever encounter. As founder of Innovative Nutrition Group, she has spent years coaching clients to tap into their courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of health challenges. She does everything in her power to make sure clients achieve exceptional health by thinking differently, challenging the status quo of nutrition, and adopting proven, sustainable lifestyle habits.

"Many people say low-carb is a diet…not true, it's a lifestyle"


branden Turley “AKA Keto kid”

Branden is committed to sharing the most current and ‘coolest’ information for your ‘food-life’. He's called ‘KETO Kid’ because he’s ‘been there, done that!’ As an accomplished runner, cyclist, and Ironman competitor, he knew nutrition was the ultimate key to performance. Branden brings his passion for food alive in our delicious, high healthy fat, low carb recipes. Enjoy!

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Morgan jiuditta BSN,RN

Registered Nurse

Morgan embraces the challenge to educate and motivate people to new levels of mental and physical health. Her goal is to partner with you and create a plan to optimize your health.

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andrew jiuditta bsn,rn

Registered Nurse

Andrew is the most thoughtful, empathetic, accessible, and skillful practitioner you will ever encounter. He focuses on meeting people where they are and using proven strategies to prevent and reverse disease.