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Valerie Grosso RDN, METS  Founder - Innovative Nutrition Group

Valerie Grosso RDN, METS

Founder - Innovative Nutrition Group

I am the most unique dietitian you will ever encounter. Sure, I’m a successful Registered Dietitian and have spent years practicing standard ineffective and confusing medical nutrition therapies.  I found these so-called therapies resulted in greater suffering from preventable diseases.  

I was forced to take a hard look at how nutrition could kill us or save our lives. I was compelled to take a critical look into how we live longer, live healthier, and live happier.  I was forced to search for ANSWERS! Answers that challenged, not only my idea of nutrition but common misconceptions surrounding the overall idea of health.

I made a commitment to find a way to be healthier and live a longer, stronger life. I discovered, much of the way we are a product of our environment, we are very much a product of our food. Nutrition and exercise became driving factors in my life, and after working with thousands of clients, I discovered a new belief system.  A belief system not based on old ineffective nutrition strategies, but a belief system based on innovative approaches leading to the reversal of disease.

As a result, I now believe in transformation, not just information. I no longer focus on just managing unmanageable diseases. Rather, I now focus on eliminating them. I now see my clients build a life without medications, without guilt, without confusion, and without fear.

My new belief system would require thinking differently and challenging the status quo! I discovered the best kept secret in medicine was the body's ability to heal itself given the right conditions and in doing so, we eliminate the cause of the sickness in the first place.

Now, as Founder of Innovative Nutrition Group, I do everything in my power to make sure our clients achieve exceptional health by adopting clinically proven, sustainable lifestyle habits. 

I am professionally trained in Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Nutrition therapies. I am a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist, and a Low Carb USA Certified Preferred Provider. The Arizona Health Care Association recognized my commitment to transformation by naming me Leadership Professional of the Year. Let’s start this innovative journey together!

Morgan Jiuditta BSN, RN  Registered Nurse

Morgan Jiuditta BSN, RN

Registered Nurse

Branden Turley  “AKA Keto Kid”

Branden Turley

“AKA Keto Kid”

Here at Innovative Nutrition Group, we are committed to sharing the most current and ‘coolest’ information with regards to your very own ‘food-life’.

Call me the ‘KETO Kid’. Why you may ask…..because I have ‘been there, done that!’ I have found the most valuable way to truly understand the value and effects of a ‘food-life’, is to dive into the deep end, so to speak!

Over the last decade I have heavily competed in triathlon, running, and cycling. More recently, I have ventured back to where I came from…strength training. Regardless of what I do… I LIKE TO MOVE! I have found, now more than ever, nutrition is key to my movement. In order to be successful and continue to improve, you MUST understand how important your nutrition becomes to you overall wellness.

My self-motivation and self-experimental endeavors make me a valuable addition to your food-life! Unlike some of the information and advice you will receive, rest assured I have not only familiarized myself with the most current information, I have utilized information to conduct several of my very own self-experiments. What I lack in education, I make up for in knowledge and self -experience.

I am available to give you an understanding and realization into how a LCHF (Low Carb Healthy Fat), and even Ketogenic, lifestyle implementation impacts YOUR body….through my own personal experience! Join me, and Innovative Nutrition Group, as we take the journey into a new realm of a healthy and fulfilled life!

Andrew Jiuditta BSN, RN  Registered Nurse

Andrew Jiuditta BSN, RN

Registered Nurse